About Us

Bottom-Up Home Inspection and Consulting Services LLC, founded in 2005 by Tim Connors, utilizes his strengths in construction, rehabbing and real estate, by applying them to the home inspection field. He is well versed in all aspects of home ownership.

Tim previously was instrumental in the operations of one of the largest multi-inspector companies in the area. His duties included hiring, training and managing 19 inspectors with a total of 7,400 home and 700 specialty inspections under his guidance. His knowledge of the industry, was utilized in training the company’s own inspectors. He also taught numerous classes to pre-licensed home inspectors and franchisees. For reviews please visit: redfin.com/openbook/inspection/chicago-tim-connors-sp132606

Tim brings to you his expertise with personal experience of more than 2,800 home inspections and 350 specialty inspections. Tim is a instructor for the H.O.M.E. DuPage program, past instructor for the State of Illinois and is a Consultant to the Home Inspection Profession.

“Know your home from the bottom up”